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Think about your business goals and expectations for the next year. Your free consultation is a way to measure where you are now, as well as give me an idea of how I can help create more success in areas that need attention.


Implement the skills

This is where I’ll be working on the technical side of things. From writing content, doing research for you, and more! The purchase includes any necessary help with SEO or marketing tasks that need to take place in order get your business growing faster than ever before


Analyze and Repeat

Watching the metrics I’ve spent so much time and energy optimizing finally take off is my absolute favorite part of working with a client!
I love auditing data once Google has had enough chance to recognize what we did right because it’s awesome seeing all that hard work pay off. It’s also during this time that I rinse and repeat the strategy.

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We will help you get found online with a strategy custom fit for your business needs.

Every business needs to increase the number of leads that come from the website in order to convert any number of clients. The best long term strategy is to produce targeted traffic and leads by taking advantage of free traffic from search engines such as Google or Safari. A targeted marketing campaign will help:

  • Get more targeted and interested prospects onto the website
  • Turn the prospects into paying customers
  • Increase monthly business revenue

By not preparing the website to rank highly in search engines, your business risks losing regular prospective clients to competitors who outrank them.


The Solution

Here is what Mercury Online will do to help your business to meet your goals:

  • We will launch a campaign to bring in more targeted traffic to your website so you can turn new customers into paying customers.
  • Use techniques that will continue to work in the long-term in order to produce leads.
  • Optimize your website to collect more leads from visitors.

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Welcome to Mercury Online. An Albuquerque-based web design and We offer affordable local SEO. We’ve been building and maintaining websites for over 5 years now. We have a lot of experience in SEO, website security and diagnosing and repairing websites. We are here to help you keep your website running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

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